Hooked on Fishing, 14 Years & Counting

Fish On!

It all began in 1995 when General Sales Manager, Dave Greaves thought it would be a lot of fun for Scott Honda to sponsor a dealership-wide fishing trip.  That was all sales manager and weekend angler Joe Collins needed to hear to start the first of what is now become a 14 year fishing tradition.

"Fishing is something I love and it's a great way to bring together folks from all different departments," Collins says.  "It's also a great trip for a little father and son bonding!"

This years trip to Point Pleasant, New Jersey was initially postponed due to Hurricane Bill, but the weather last Sunday was perfect and we have the pictures to prove it.

"The water was great, the sun was out and the fish we biting" says fellow Sales Manager, Marius "Little Buddy" Krawiec. "It was a nice getaway after those wild cash for clunkers days."

During their 7 hour tour on the Voyager, the 23 Sconda fisherman caught over 100 fish, most of them Flounder and Sea bass.

Scott Honda's trips have been up and down the Jersey Coast, like Cape May, Wildwood, Atlantic
, Brielle, and  Fortesque to name a few.  And the fish of the day has varied just as much.  They've caught Flounder, Sea bass, Tog, Croakers, Bluefish and Weakfish as well.

But the winner of the annual biggest fish pool this year went to
Franco Alvisi who caught a healthy Sea bass weighing in at over 3 pounds.

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