Name That Scondateer on TV

Name that Scondateer

It's Noel You know the annoying people that get on their cell phones and wave at the camera during sporting events, Sconda created one of those situations last night.

Longtime salesmen, Noel Montesano was spotted behind the left handed batters on Comcast Sports Net last evening at National Park in Washington, D.C. during the Phillies 5 – 4 victory over the hapless Washington Nationals.

Sconda researchers thought the odd looking man looked familiar.  A phone call was placed to Montesano to confirm his presence at the stadium and that very call and the subsequent peace sign can be seen taking place in the photograph above.

Isn’t technology awesome!

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2 Responses to Name That Scondateer on TV

  1. Ron B says:

    sweet! next time get him at a PGA event with the young gent who posed for Sconda recently.

  2. We could make it “Where’s Noel?” and you just pick Noel out at all the sporting events he gets free tickets to.

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