Scott Honda Adds Verizon FiOS to TV Lineup

Scott honda fios comcast on tv

Scott Honda finalized a deal yesterday to add Verizon FiOS to it's television advertising lineup.  Together with Comcast Cable, Scott Honda will now reach over 375,000 viewers in the Delaware Valley.

"We've been watching FiOS's growth and we know how many households they've added in recent months," says Vice President, Duke Scott.  "We think now is the perfect time to add FiOS as we move into the 4th quarter."

In June Comcast Spotlight announced it was taking over FIOS advertising sales in the region.  Scott Honda has worked with Comcast Spotlight for years and both parties believe that relationship will help maximize the new advertising resource.

"We're thrilled to add Scott Honda's great new commercials to Verizon FiOS's advertising," says Comcast Spotlight Account Executive, Tim Sherry.  "It's important to add FiOS because you're able to reach over 48,000 additional viewers in your backyard, in homes that don't have Comcast cable.  As a bonus they're reaching another 200,000 viewers throughout the tri-state area."

In the fourth quarter Scott Honda will be running over 60 spots a month with FiOS on ESPN, E!, FX, Discovery and Comedy Central.  Comcast cable we will continue to be where the majority of the television advertising goes, with over 265 ads a month running on ESPN, E!, FX, Discovery, Comedy Central, SyFy, VH1, USA, TNT and Comcast Sportsnet.

"I'm very exited that we've added FiOS," says marketing Manager, Douglas P. Scott.  "This will put our name and our brand in the living rooms of 1000's of future customers."

Are we missing your demographic in our ad placement?  Let Sconda Blog know what channels you watch that we're not advertising on and maybe we'll make a change.

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