Scott Select’s “Haggling is so 80’s” Campaign is a Hit

Jams, KangaROOS sneakers, Transformers, Air Wolf, Ecto Cooler HiC, Michael Jackson and Muhlenberg Elementary School, basically sum up the 80’s for me.  For others it was Flock of Seagulls, the Thompson twins, jeans rolled peg style at the ankle, deep v-neck Forenza Sweaters and woo-woos.

No matter where the 80’s took you (and your hair), we’ve gotten far enough away from it that it’s become nostalgic and fun to look back on.

It was an attempt to make our no-haggle sales approach at Scott Select more visible that got our creative juices flowing to try to come up with a fun campaign that highlighted our one price position on pre-owned vehicles, that was still fresh and engaging that inspired us.

Having been invited to a few 80’s themed parties of late and rocking ugly sweaters, car phones in black leather bags and stone washed jeans, tight rolled at the bottom, the time seemed right to plug into the decade that brought us cheesy sitcoms, brat pack movies, classic cartoons and a myriad of fashion don’ts as the driving force behind our no-haggle Select pricing promotion.

The possibilities are endless and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the fun that can be had at the expense of the 80’s.  Our opening batch consisted of Donkey Kong, ALF and Knight Rider, a pretty fierce line-up if I do say so myself.  We then floated the idea out our Facebook fans and got a few more great ideas.

Our friend and happy Honda Element driver Sarah S., from Harrisburg didn’t mess around at all.  She jumped right into Photoshop and whipped up a batch of “Real American Heroes”, G.I. Joe was the first customer addition.  Then came the newest member of the ultimate 80’s team, a nod to “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was sent to us by Aaron from New Hampshire.

The mere sight of Donkey Kong had others saying they wanted to try to download the game on their Wii or iPhone asap to relive the hours and hours of that game played in the 80’s.  There will most definitely be appearances by Atari, Laser Disc and Rubik’s Cube as well.

Stay tuned for weekly additions to our 80’s theme and feel free to drop any suggestions in the comment section below…we love ’em.  The more random and obscure, the better.

About Jason Reitelbach

Internet Sales Director
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