JoePa’s Mustache Movie Round-up: Planet of the Apes // Conan the Barbarian

Joe Palladino is a longtime sales person for Scott Honda and an avid movie-watcher, so we combined his two loves, added his facial hair and created JoePa’s Mustache Movie Round-up.  The rating system is on a 0-4 mustache scale, four being mustache-twitching great and zero being shave-it-off worthy!

Planet of the Apes:

Forget all the other Planet of the Apes movies, this one is very current and completely different.  It stars James Franco and he’s trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s which has affected his father.  He injects this serum into a baby Ape named Caesar, who over a period of time becomes more and more intelligent.  Once Caesar is put in the cage with all the other apes the movie really takes off.   The scene that takes place on the Golden Gate Bridge is amazing, I’m not sure how they actually did it.  For a much deeper meaning to this movie talk to Bernie Hughes in sales.  Overall this was a very entertaining movie!

Conan the Barbarian:

Everyone can relax…Conan the Barbarian is back to take care of the bad guys.  It’s a shame they couldn’t send him to Iraq, he would have ended the war in one week!  By the age of 12 Conan has already killed four bad guys and then he continues to avenge the death of this father.  I think he set the record for most kills in a movie.  If you were a fan of the HBO series “Game of Thrones” the actor playing Conan, Jason Momoa,  was one of the tribal leaders.  It’s actually not a bad movie.  It’s a simple, good guy versus bad guy flick…mindless entertainment.

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