The Scott Kids Spot Gets Some New Movies!

The Scott Kids Spot got some exciting new additions to its theater this month with a complete 5 dvd upgrade!

Family favorites Rio, How To Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Ponyo and Despicable Me were all put in the rotation for your child’s (and sometimes your) viewing pleasure!

“I have two little girls at home and when they enjoy a movie I put it in my mental que,” says Scott Kids Spot Caretaker, Douglas P. Scott.  “These five movies are fun, colorful, beautiful and will be very much enjoyed to our littlest customers!”

We also added 8 new, fresh and clean games to the hand-held section, called “Something for Kids” and put fresh new covers on our big comfy chairs.  Make sure you and your child stop by the Scott Kids Spot next time you’re in for sales or service, where we say “The only problem is your kids won’t want to leave!”

About Jason Reitelbach

Internet Sales Director
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